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15th September 2018

Astronomy Forecast links updated


Weather in the Carshalton & North Surrey Area

This page contains links to weather Forecasts and Actual Observations that should allow you to decide if the weather will be suitable for visual observing tonight. The data is biased towards the Carshalton & North Surrey (England) area where I normally observe from. The data is divided into the sections shown below, some references need a background in Meteorology and there are links to sources of background information. If you know of any other sources of relevant weather information please send the details to me.

Caution - some of the times are in UTC (which approximates to GMT) which is one hour behind clock time (BST) in the Summer. Also the date of the 00:00 forecast / actuals can confuse. Some of the dates are in American format as well !


The links below allow you to check the weather for Astronomical Observing. You need to enter your observing location. These links have replaced the previous link which no longer works.  


Clear Outside

Weather Forecast - Mark Thompson


The most useful / best sites for forecasting the weather are in Bold below.

Links in Grey below are no longer working and waiting for me to identify where they have moved to or find a replacement


Weather Reports


Local Forecasts


General Weather Sites

Images - Satellite & Radar


Met Office Sutton Forecast Page


Met Office Home Page
Radar Rainfall (Met Office)


Meteo France - Forecast Cloud


BBC Weather Home Page

BBC Weather


Weather for Astronomy


Wetterzentrale (German)
Radar Rainfall (Metox)


Model Weather Charts - US Navy


Meteo France (in French)
Latest Synoptic Chart


New Link



Satellite Images (Met Office)


New Link


Roger Brugge's Web Site

Met Office Overlay (experimental)


New Link


Royal Meteorological Society
Guides to the EUMetSat images below can be found here. The individual image pages are due to be replaced by EUMetView during 2018.






Sky Transparency page

This has a link to a forecast of sky transparency for Europe and an explanation of transparency


fLinks to other Weather Sites

EUMetSat Cloud Images


Astronomy Forecast for Carshalton


Weather Model Archive
EUMetSat Fog & Low Cloud (Night)


Detailed Forecast for Carshalton Observing


West Cheshire College
MeteoSat Air Mass Image    



EUMetSat Dust Image


Net Weather


Martin Rowley's Website
EUMetSat Daylight Enhanced Cloud Image


MeteoBlue Astronomical Seeing and General Weather Site


Ant Veal's Weather Website
EUMetSat Atmospheric Motion Vectors




MeteoSat Images from Norway


Jetstream (300mBar) forecast


Meteo France 00:00 UT Cloud


Better Jetstream (300mBar) forecast Chart


New Link
Meteo France 06:00 UT Cloud


New Link


New Link
Meteo France 12:00 UT Cloud


New Link


New Link
Meteo France 18:00 UT Cloud


New Link


New Link

EUMetSat Cloud Animation


New Link


New Link

Earth - a global animated map


New Link


New Link
Newport (IoW) Lightning Detector


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New Link
Dundee University


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New Link
DMSP Satellite Images


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Tutorials & Guides

UK Infrared Satellite Image


New Link


UK Met Office - Learning Centre
Satellite Data Viewer


New Link


Weather Terms Glossary
NOAA UK False Colour Image


New Link


Chart Guide
Weather Satellite Images


New Link


Another Chart Guide
New Link


New Link


Web Based Weather Tutorial

Station Reports (Actual's)


Solar Reports


Guide to Weather Charts
UK Station Reports (Biggin Hill)


SOHO - Solar Observation


Weather Forecasting Handbook
UK Weather Chart




Weather Map Handbook
Upper Caterham Weather Station


Current Solar Activity


MeteoSat Interpretation Guide
Weather Charts & Actual's


Solar X-rays:

Geomagnetic Field:






My Weather Lecture (PDF)
Kenley Report



My Weather Lecture (PowerPoint)
Kenley Valley Weather Station



Met Office Weather Fact Sheets

Barometric Pressure from Teddington UK



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