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In used to work for London Underground but have now retired. I have a number of interests both in amateur astronomy, Citizen Science, Astronomical History and passing on some of my knowledge to other people both in astronomical societies and in public lectures. I am also a part time student approaching completing a degree in Astronomy with The University of Central Lancashire.

I am also interested in the opportunities that are now available to Amateur Astronomers through the 'Virtual Observatory', this allows worldwide access to large quantities of astronomical data and allows you to select how to present and analyse it. There should be lots of opportunities there for amateur Astronomers to make discoveries. More details are on the page below.

I enjoy trying to photograph astronomical objects and special events such as transits, conjunctions, eclipses and occultation's. More details on this are on the pages linked below.

I also have an interest in the weather - this started at school and has continued through my sailing days to my present pre-occupation with astronomy. In the Summer I also hunt for Noctilucent Clouds - as they are on the edge of space they are somewhere between weather and astronomy.

I am a member of a number of organizations which are linked below. I also try to support the RNLI having been rescued by them in the past ! I also have an interest in making things - in particular I have always enjoyed Blacksmithing - I think it must be in my genes as I have discovered that both my paternal grandfather and great-grandfather were blacksmiths.


John Murrell

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 Weather and other Pages

 Astronomy related pages

Societies I am a member of:

 Light Pollution in Carshalton & Sutton


Royal Astronomical Society

 Apprentice Blacksmith Page

Virtual Observatory News

Society for Popular Astronomy

 My Image Gallery

The Virtual Observatory for Amateur Astronomers

The Astronomer

Atmospheric Turbulence

The Virtual Observatory for Amateur Astronomers: Exercises


Noctilucent Cloud Lecture

The Virtual Observatory for Amateur Astronomers: Links


Surrey Astronomy History

The Virtual Observatory for Amateur Astronomers: Using Cartes du Ciel with the Virtual Observatory

Other things

Weather for Astronomers

The Virtual Observatory for Amateur Astronomers: Loading Catalogues from the VO into Cartes du Ciel and linking with VO tools


Sky Transparency for Astronomy

The Virtual Observatory for Amateur Astronomers: Loading the Exoplanet Catalogue and connecting to your telescope via TopCat and Cartes du Ciel.


Raspberry Pi - moving and shrinking SD Card Images

The Virtual Observatory for Amateur Astronomers: Generating a Field of View (FoV) file to show the FoV of your telescope in Aladin


Noctilucent Cloud Observing

The Virtual Observatory for Amateur Astronomers: showing the size and location of extended objects in Aladin (4 pages)


Intervalometer using RaspberryPi & PiFace

The Virtual Observatory for Amateur Astronomers: Link to SEPNet page & video showing the use of Aladin, Vizier & TopCAT to join catalogues and display the result.

Astrophotography with a Canon 40D

Downloading and   saving EUMetSat images

Downloading images to a network drive via a Raspberry Pi




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