Live Web Broadcast

Test Page Only

Revised Refresh 12th August 2010


Firefox Users:- The image on this page will not automatically refresh in Firefox. You will have to press the refresh button at 30 second intervals until I can find a fix.

This image is a live broadcast under test so may not be active 

This is still under development so updates may cease or be unavailable for other reasons



The page should automatically reload every 60 seconds unless you have java disabled or automatic re-load is disabled in your browser.


If this happens you can see the latest image by pressing the refresh every minute or so.


John Murrell


Test 0.2 - reloads every 30 secs

Test 0.3 stop image being cached

Test 0.4 additional meta tags added to stop image cashing - they don't work in Firefox

Test 0.5 revised JavaScript refresh as Andy Smith's pages which work in FireFox


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