Surrey Astronomical History

New 12th April 2009

 Astronomy History in Surrey and Surrounding Areas

This page is still being written

 One of my interests is finding the details of who had observatories in Surrey in the past and where they were located. I have a list that has the people and places I have been able to locate to date. Some of the locations are only approximate as a lot of the records only give the name of the locality or perhaps a house name that has disappeared when the area was redeveloped. I have tried to give the approximate time that the observatory was in use and any links to web sites with further information.

A number of the records have been found by searching through old copies of the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society that are available on line at ADS (use the full text search for older articles).

Further information including my list of astronomers and observatories will appear here in due course - the next job is to try to format the data so it will fit the page.

John Murrell



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