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Updated 11th May 2018

 Links to assist Amateur Astronomers in using The Virtual Observatory

 This page contains links which are intended to assist amateur astronomers find 'The Key to the Door' of the Virtual Observatory. There are few if any pages dedicated to the use of the Virtual Observatory buy Amateur Astronomers. Most of the links here take you to pages that are aimed at professional astronomers though a few have entry points aimed at 'The Public' or non-specialists these are in general too restricted to be of use to Amateurs who are undertaking serious work or are trying to learn about the VO.


While I have tried to group the sites under the headings below some pages cover more than one of these topics on the same page. I have tried to put a few notes on what is included on each site in the pop-ups. Links should open in a new window as long as you have Java enabled on your computer. That enables you to return here easily to follow other links.


If you find any broken links, find any other useful sites or have a question on The Amateur Virtual Observatory please contact me.


New links will be added to this page as I locate useful pages. Bookmark this page and come back to find new links.


 Sites Listing Tools & Resources

 Sites with links to educational material

VO Tools

 SAO Virtual Observatory Links

 European Virtual Observatory


 VO India Tools

International Virtual Observatory Alliance - VO for Students and the Public

 Astro Grid

     Cartes du Ceil

 European VO Software List






 VirGO / Stellarium ( You can still use this but it is no longer supported)

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